The Benefits of the Villager Sun Oven

Villager Sun Oven

Villager Sun Oven, LLC. is committed to providing an alternative to cooking with wood and charcoal in deforested developing countries that have been blessed with an abundance of sunshine. Support healthy nutrition for the underserved with no deforestion or health risks.

Deforestation Alternative

Reducing the Demand on Forests

The use of SUN OVEN solar ovens can eliminate the use of up to 70% of the wood which is currently being consumed for household cooking.

Improved Health

Reducing Human Health Hazards

The use of the VILLAGER SUN OVEN solar ovens reduces the amount of acrid smoke from cooking fires by up to 70%.

Improved Safety

Improving Safety for Rural Women and Girls

Women in developing countries can spend hours each day collecting fuel-wood. As they travel distances, they are exposing themselves to greater risks.